What Happens When You Give A Kitten Away At 6 Weeks?

Last week I asked if anyone was interested in a kitten. Well, the world did not explode but it didn’t exactly erupt into feline mania either. The few that RSVPed were all really excited about getting their own kitty to take care of for the winter months. Now everyone wants one! Perhaps it is nature’s way of balancing out our human tendencies toward selfishness and greed (yes, this is an esoteric observation). So I am trying again today to see who has expressed an interest in helping me take care of my little guys during the cold days ahead by adopting them from my local SPCA/Animal Shelter when they are ready to be adopted (spring 2013). Please let me know if you want your very own little furball(s) at 6 weeks old or older. Either way, please include your contact information so we can set up a time for you meet him/her after he leaves his mommy and daddy’s home at 6 weeks old..