What Is It Called When A Kitten Sucks On Your Clothes?

a. kitten sucking

b. cat suckiing

c. kitty sucking

d. kitten sukiing

e. kite sucked the finger of her mother

2. It is a musical note with double half-tones between it and an octave above it, as in D minor 9/8 or C# 5/4 or F# 6/5 . Which of these notes is also called a quarter tone? I have no idea what this means but i thought you might be able to figure out which one i’m talking about by figuring out how much lower than E flat 4 that would make it if you really wanted to play around with music notation….so if the answer was 3 then that would mean that it’s two semitones higher than E flat 4…how EXCELLENT are your eyesight?? because i cant find any reference to “quarter tones” anywhere on google so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction!! :D!