What Is Normal Play Between A Cat And A Kitten?

A: Play between cats and kittens is a good example of the complex relationship that occurs when animals meet. Cats play with their littermates, but they do not always play in the same way or for the same reasons. Kittens do not usually begin playing with each other until around four weeks of age (earlier if there are multiple litters), although some may play earlier than others. A kitten’s attempts at rough-and-tumble can be seen as playful; however it is often accompanied by biting and scratching on parts of the body such as ankles, ears, eyelids and lips. It is important to understand this behavior: while it may appear aggressive to humans, these bites and scratches serve an important purpose in developing solidarity within a litter which will help protect them from predators later in life. As weaning time draws near, additional socialization becomes more prominent among kittens who begin recognizing members of their own pack through scent cues alone – particularly once they have begun eating solid food!

Q: What causes feline idiopathic cystitis?

A: Idiopathic cystitis has no known cause or cure; therefore prevention cannot occur. It affects approximately 10% of all healthy cats over two years old . Symptoms include lower abdominal pain leading to a change in diet away from moist foods toward dry food types such as canned cat food or wet canned cat pate while urinating frequently throughout the day/night period due to excessive straining during attempts