What Is The Best Kitten Dry Food?

I have been feeding the Nutro Ultra dry kitten food for all of my cats except Derwin. He was 7 when I started him on it and he is 12 now. He has a sensitive stomach so I had to be careful with his diet . The other 2 all love this food, but Nola (my Siamese) developed an allergy to it and we switched her over to Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Dry cat food which she loves also.

How can you tell if your cat needs dental cleaning? My vet recommended that I clean the teeth of my cat every 6 months or once per year as needed; however, one of them looks like there is something stuck in between her teeth! Is this normal? It’s not painful, but she seems uncomfortable eating like that… Any suggestions?? Thanks!! – Caleigh Taylor Dear Caleigh Taylor: First off, what does “stuck in between her teeth look like” mean exactly???? And second — since when did your veterinarian recommend “regularly” having kitty brushed??? If you haven’t done so already — get a good quality toothbrush and brush away! Don’t worry about hurting kitty by brushing too hard … just do what feels comfortable for both of you 🙂 As usual-always consult your own veterinarian regarding any medical concerns or questions you may be having with regards to your pet. Please know that we truly appreciate reading everyone’s comments!!! Best W