What Is The Definition For “Cute As A Kitten”?

… no one would be able to resist it. If you’re not into that kind of thing, then keep reading the rest of this review for more information about The Fluffy Kitten Purrfect Catnip Toy!

The Fluffy Kitten Purrfect Catnip Toy is exactly what its name suggests – a colorful cat toy filled with catnip. It’s made out of nice soft fabric and gives off an earthy smell when you rub your fingers through it. While I have yet to find any cats that are allergic to the smell, if they are or don’t like being touched by their owner then this might not work well for them at all. This isn’t just a product for people who love their pets though – my boyfriend has seen his fair share of cats fight over pieces of furniture before so I’m sure he will be using this as part of his kitties’ games too!

If your little feline can reach the bottom (hehe), there are two “balloons” inside designed perfectly to hold some kitty treats (or maybe even some grapes!). These balloons aren’t very big but should definitely be enough space for your sweetheart’s favorite treat; otherwise try hiding them somewhere else in the house first to make sure they won’t get chewed on or destroyed within seconds after you set them down upon reaching them! The fluffiness factor alone doesn’t tell me how long these things should last… again, read on