What Is The Exploding Kitten Game?

Sometimes, kittens are born with the ability to explode. These kittens are called “Exploding Kittens” or “Exploding Kitten” for short. They can also be referred to as a kitten that is able to shoot out of their box at another animal (usually mice) and then pop back into the box again without dying themselves. Now let’s talk about where this game came from!

The first time I saw an exploding kitten was on YouTube when it was uploaded by Tom Shoval who claims his brothers made it. The video has gone viral since you can see everyone laughing at how funny the prank looks; but there is more behind these pranks than meets the eye! You may think they’re just randomness put together, but someone else actually thought of putting them together! Some people say that these two videos were originally posted on Reddit in May 2016 by user ImJustSomeRandomGuy whose username translates into English as “I am just some guy” which hints towards his identity being unknown due to its ambiguous nature. We don’t know what he/she did or said before posting those videos so we’ll have to leave speculation up until further studies are done on each one separately.