What It Means When A Kitten Purrs?

If you have wondered what it means when a cat purrs, then this article is for you. Read on to learn just what that noise means and how to start teaching your cats to purr.

Purring is one of the most common sounds made by cats, but also by other animals such as lions, tigers and even some birds. The sound is produced almost exclusively in felines through their larynx or voice box because these are the only areas where they have muscles which can expand during stimulated breathing so as to produce sound via vibrations of the vocal cords – remember kittens suckling at their mother’s milk? These muscles grow during kittenhood and until around 3 months of age; after which time they gradually begin shrinking again (the same happens with humans). As a result, adult cats make use of all parts of their bodies except those specific ones used for making noises – like the tongue! This is why we typically hear “meows” coming from our furry friends rather than outright calling them out into our rooms or scaring us with their roars…and for good reason too: Even if they may be capable of producing human-like speech using certain parts of their mouths, they don’t do it very often or reliably due to training imposed by humans over generations since domestication began thousands upon thousands ago. So yes there are plenty who claim these purrs actually mean something but I think we can safely say they don’t! But