What Kind Of Food Should A Kitten Eat?

Should I give him milk from a bottle? Should he be on a special diet? What kind of food should I buy for my kitten, and is it better to get the higher priced specialty foods or can you feed him with common grocery store cat food?”

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there is no single answer to these questions. Every cat has its own unique nutritional needs, but what works for one may not work for another. In order to find out what your kitten’s nutritional requirements are, you’ll need to ask several different types of questions:

1) What does your kitten eat in its natural environment? This includes how many times per day she gets fed as well as where her meals come from (e.g., mom’s milk if she was born at home). If possible, bring the kittens back home and observe them eating in their natural habitat before you decide which type of feeding schedule will be best for your kitty; 2) How much protein is available in her current diet? As most people know by now, cats require more protein than other animals. However, even though human mothers tend to overfeed their newborns (especially during the first couple weeks), once theyaning age has been reached almost all feral cats instinctively seek out high quality prey items such as small rodents or lizards that provide plenty of protein without unnecessary calories; 3) Is this particular kitten chowing down enough calories each day so that she maintains body