What Kind Of Food Should I Feed My Kitten?

Well, if you decide to feed your kitten canned cat food, then at least try canned salmon or tuna. This is because these are the only types of fish that are high in protein and low in fat. If you do not want to give your kitten too much protein, then it would be better if you gave him/her a mix of raw meaty bones such as chicken necks and backs. These should ideally be given after every 2-3 meals so that he does not over eat them all in one go! Other than this, i recommend giving him dry kibbles for his teeth and gums (such as DentaBoost). When choosing what type of kibble to buy for your kitten, look out for ones with: skin and cartilage which will help keep the airways clear; real meat instead of by-products; glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate; omega 3 fatty acids; calcium carbonate; vitamins A&D free…etc – best thing about feeding kittens on organic foods is that they contain natural ingredients without any unnecessary chemicals like artificial colors or preservatives present in other brands.