What Kind Of Kitten Do I Have?

my kitten is a female and she has been acting different lately. one night i was watching her as usual when she got up from underneath my bed and ran to the door. then she dashed through the door and out of my house. followed by me, mr cat kitty! we tried following but it was too dark so we went back inside and waited for him to come home. about an hour later he came in with his tail down like someone had just died or something… what’s going on?

I am not sure how old this little girl is, but I am guessing maybe 4 months old? She came into our lives last week after being rescued from a very bad situation (she had been hit by a car) where they thought that she had already passed away before getting her to our local vet who said that there was nothing wrong with her other than having some lacerations on her head which would heal over time; however, due to the trauma of getting run over twice (it happened within 2 hours), I can see how these wounds would make you think that your kitten/cat has died – it is traumatic enough even assuming that you’re able to get them help quickly enough!

My guess therefore at this point might be: based on some residual damage from those initial injuries as well as perhaps certain health issues such as some form of liver disease or kidney problem (some cats do tend toward hyperthyroidism), it could be causing stress-