What Should Healthy 12 Week Kitten Poop Look Like?

This article will show you what your kitten should poop like. There are certain things that all kittens poop like and this is why it’s important to get a litter box for them very early on. Otherwise, there could be serious health problems down the road if they don’t learn proper toilet training soon enough. The best way to encourage them to use the litter box is with lots of praise and treats! If they do not go in their litterbox consistently, then you may need medical assistance from a vet immediately because we want our kitties healthy!

Once your kitten has been using the litterbox for at least 4 weeks or so (you can start feeding her there too), ask yourself: Is she pooping regularly? Is she pooping only when she needs to eliminate? Does her stools look normal? Normal stool looks brownish-yellow color and not red/pink/blue/green etc…. Your cat’s feces should have no odor whatsoever – especially if he uses his litterbox every day without an accident. Once a week or less, check her feces in order to make sure that everything looks good before going out shopping again!! Believe me – I know how hard it can be when someone constantly talks about diarrhea but it doesn’t mean anything!!!!! Keeping track of everything daily helps tremendously with finding any issues quickly!!! Even better would be getting online right away iin order o find out what medications worked best against malabsorption syndrome