What Should I Feed Kitten After Neutering?

I have a female kitten that was spayed and she is 1yr old. I no longer want her, but do not know what to feed her? She has been eating Purina, but now I hear other people say they don’t eat it anymore because their dog got sick from it. Does anyone know what kind of food i can give her?

The vet said she will be fine getting the appropriate amount of protein for a cat’s size…so you can feed whatever you would normally feed your cat(that isn’t too high in fat or carbs). You should also check with your vet about any supplements he may recommend for this particular circumstance..but as long as you aren’t giving him medicine for something else, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. If all goes well, by the time he gets neutered his coat will probably be long enough to hide everything so unless someone were looking closely at him directly on purpose they wouldn’t notice what had happened.:)