What Should You Feed A Kitten?

If you are not sure what to feed a kitten, or have questions about how much to feed your cat, contact your veterinarian. Your vet will be able to tell you how much food is the right amount for your pet.

3. How do I clean out my litter box?

Routinely cleaning out the litter box helps prevent the spread of germs and also keeps odors under control in your home. The best way to empty an entire litter box is by scooping it into another container (such as a garbage can). Then wash the pan with hot water and soap, rinse thoroughly with cold water, let dry completely, sanitize if necessary (see “Sanitation” below), put it back on top of the lidless canister until next time, and refill with fresh kitty litter material when done. You should check all corners at least once every week or more often if there are any signs that some of the contents may not be quite gone yet! Many people prefer disposable plastic boxes made specifically for their pets; these come in many shapes and sizes depending on size of cat/kitten—check each one before use! Cleaning up after cats is difficult enough without having their waste clutter around unused containers!

4. What do I need to keep my kittens warm?

Kittens must always stay warm so they don’t get sick from getting chilled while sleeping during winter months when outside temperatures drop low enough for them