What Tawnee Kitten Looks Like Now?

First, look at the kitten’s parents. You should be able to tell which parent is a boy by his appearance and tail length. The kitten will inherit this trait from one of its parents. If you can’t decide what it looks like yet, or if there are two (or more) different possibilities for how it could turn out, then you need to wait until the kittens are older before making any decisions about what type of cat they will be.

What color should I pick?

The color pattern on your new kitten depends on where it came from! There are three basic types of tabby patterns: plain (the most common), classic tortoiseshell (very rare in cats but very beautiful when seen), and masked white or chocolate point Siamese cats . If your kitten has a masked/white/chocolate point pattern, then you have a chance at getting one of these beautiful breeds! Click here to see examples of all 3 types