What Time Does The Kitten Bowl Start?

I almost choked on my drink. “The kitten bowl?” I said, incredulous. “We don’t have a kitten bowl! We have the cat feeder thing that is in our dining room. And there are no kittens in this house! Why would you even ask me that question?”

He looked at me like I was crazy but he didn’t say anything else about it because, really, what could he say to me? He had no idea why I thought we had a kitty bowl in our dining room or where they came from anyway. But it got him thinking about all of these unanswered questions and funny coincidences running through his mind so much that one night when he couldn’t sleep after working late hours at his job—and who does that kind of thing anymore without some sort of ulterior motive—he decided to get up and do something about them before they drove him nuts completely. Instead of getting into bed with his girlfriend (who was pregnant with their second child), instead of watching TV until she fell asleep on top of him (which usually happened by 10:00 p.m.), instead of sleeping himself off for another hour while she did whatever women do while they wait for their boyfriends to fall asleep so they can sneak out without waking him up first…instead he sat down at the kitchen table with an old bottle of wine and began writing letters, asking more questions than anyone should