What To Do For A Kitten With Tapeworms At 10 Weeks?

I have a new kitten. She has had problems with tapeworms since she was 7 weeks old. We got her to the vet at 6 months of age and he removed them all except one, which was too small (2mm) for him to see. I took her back a couple days later and they discovered that it had grown into a full size worm again. He said that if we don’t catch it now, then she will be very sick by adulthood because she could die from an infection in the abdomen or become insane from side effects of too much medication!! They gave us Clavamox but it doesn’t seem effective! What do you think? Do we need to take her home anyway!!!?? It is so sad for this little girl who hates being yanked out of bed every day…she is such a cute kitten!!!!!!! The problem is getting bigger….and there arn’t enough doctors around here! HELP?????

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