What To Do For Kitten Diarrhea?

Answer: The best way to prevent diarrhea in kittens is to feed them a well balanced, high quality diet. We recommend feeding your kitten either canned or wet food, and we always suggest starting with a moderate amount of both canned and wet foods so that you can gauge how much they eat initially. Then adjust the amounts according to their needs as time goes on.

In addition, fresh water should be available at all times for your kittens throughout the day—and if you have an automatic waterer, this would be ideal because it will ensure that they get plenty of clean drinking water whenever they need it! In addition, fresh water should also be available during naps and bedtimes when your kitten will sleep more soundly without being disturbed too often by having to go outside. Especially with younger kittens who are less experienced at self-grooming (i.e., cleaning themselves), there’s no better way than bathing them regularly to keep their fur free from parasites such as fleas or ticks!

Question: My kitten has been sleeping all day long since he was about 3 weeks old – what do I feed him? What type of milk does he drink? Should I start feeding him baby formula? Do I have any other questions about my new baby cat? Thanks!!! 🙂

Answer: It’s very common for newborn cats to sleep a lot while nursing because their systems haven’t adjusted yet from being born full term and not dehydrated from giving birth vaginally—sometimes