What To Do If A Kitten Gets Milk In Its Lungs?

Answer: Kittens often get milk in their lungs when they have been bottle-fed. There are two forms of lung collapse that can occur after a kitten has been fed from a bottle. The first is called “silent aspiration pneumonia” and the second is called “milk aspiration pneumonia.” These problems, while serious, rarely require veterinary care if the kitten caught the problem early on by being taken off its bottle before it could aspirate any milk into its lungs. If you suspect your kitten might be getting too much milk in its diet because you notice excess discharge from eyes or nose, then take it to your veterinarian immediately for diagnosis and treatment (see below).

What should I do if my cat gets an ear infection?

Answer: Ear infections are very common in cats; about one out of three cats will develop an ear infection at some point during his life time. Although most kittens simply scratch or lick around their ears at first, ear problems can become more severe over time as they age. Ear mites (which live under the skin) almost always cause itching and irritation to begin with but not necessarily pain unless there is an underlying health condition elsewhere in your cat’s body which creates increased susceptibility to these parasites living inside her ears.. Some other causes of ear problems include allergies or sensitivity to certain foods such as grains or corn that may produce yeast infections; excessive exposure to rodents may also lead to chronic irritation within the cat’s