What To Do If A Kitten Was Weaned Too Early?

I have a 2 month old kitten that I just found out is being weaned too early. He’s only getting 1/2 the amount of milk he needs with his mother. What can I do? – Cat owner

Answer by Kate Hiya! That sounds like it could be quite an issue, but hopefully not an actual health problem as such. It would probably be best to get your vet on to this straight away and they’ll help you work out what to do next. The good news is that if he’s been weaned for less than 4 weeks then there should still be plenty of time before adulthood so you should still see him regularly and continue giving lots of food and water (try and increase the amount slowly). If however it looks like your cat may actually need bottles instead, then its important to make sure he has enough fat in his diet – 1 tsp per 10kgs – so try adding some fish oil capsules or olive oil into the mix every day until there are no more signs (which could take another couple of days at least), as well as making sure you’re feeding twice daily rather than once a day. Best wishes Kate