What To Do If Kitten Eats Clumping Litter?

I have a 2yr old female kitten and she is eating our clumping litter. She has eaten two pieces of the original box that we had been using, as well as one from the new box that I made for her. Should I be concerned? We tried an open sand-like litter but she doesn’t seem to like it either….


Kitten Eating Litter – Cleaning Your Kitty’s Box Kitten Eating Litter – Cleaning Your Kitty’s Box

By lucycat2k8 [1 Post] 0 found this helpful May 29, 2011 Flag To clean up any poop you might find in your kitty’s box after she uses it, put some baking soda on with an old toothbrush or piece of cotton. Scrub all around the area with both hands till there isn’t anything left including whatever may have stuck to your fingers/hands (which would probably be cat hair). Then rinse out thoroughly under warm water before putting back into place where they use their boxes. If you find lots of fecal material just flush down toilet! It will go away fast if not too much has accumulated….more than likely someone else was fouling up their house by breaking into them and leaving it behind!! Bathing them regularly is always good practice anyway so they don’t stink…and why should anyone want to smell like poo?? LOL posted 10 years ago