What To Do If Kitten Has Worms?

Kittens’ teeth grow at a very fast pace, so they may need to be brushed with a kitten toothbrush when young. Brush the teeth gently in the direction of the fangs and continue brushing daily until your kitten can clean its own teeth. This may take several weeks or even months depending on your kitten’s age and if it has had any previous dental work done.

My baby is teething! What can I do?

You might try offering ice cubes to distract him/her from biting down too hard or offer some frozen vegetables for chewing instead. You may also want to cut up pieces of raw meat for them to chew on while you are holding their head (not sure why anyone would want their cat eating meat but never mind – this works). If none of these help, then maybe it’s time for an appointment with your vet!

How much water should my cat drink each day?