What To Do If My Kitten Has A Cold?

Answer: If a kitten has a cold, she may have a little trouble breathing and be rather lethargic. You will see her eyes are swollen or watery and she may have a runny nose as well. However, if the kitten is eating normally and drinking water regularly, there really isn’t anything you can do to help with her cold other than waiting it out. Keep your kitten warm by putting blankets or towels around her at night along with turning on heating pads under them during the day. Try not to disturb your cat when she’s sleeping as this just makes things worse for her (and you). Try giving your cat some canned tuna fish which contains vitamin C in it (in liquid form) about every three days – give two tablespoons of liquid once daily – or try using hot peppers such as Tabasco sauce instead; they contain vitamins A and C but also an ingredient called capsaicin that helps fight off viruses such as those caused by feline respiratory diseases like kitty flu etc., however keep in mind that these products sometimes irritate cats’ skin so test it first on one small spot near where you plan on rubbing it into their fur before applying to the entire body surface area..

If my kitten has fleas what should I do? What types of fleas can my pet get?

Answer: Flea infestations always start from flea eggs laid in carpets/bedding/rugs inside homes! Once these become mature they