What To Do If You Find A Stray Baby Kitten?

If you find an abandoned baby kitten, here are the most important things to remember:

• Never pick up any stray kittens. They may be sick or injured and could easily injure you too. If they are healthy, leave them alone!

• Call your local animal control department or humane society immediately. The staff there should know where the mother cat lives and can help take care of her babies until she returns from giving birth.

• Find a foster home for these newborns if possible; otherwise, try other locations in your community that have lots of people around who might not mind having a litter of kittens nearby—for example, a park pavilion or a school playground. Keep the location quiet and safe during daylight hours so momcat will feel comfortable coming back to feed her babies at nighttime when it’s dark outside. Be sure to check on all the little orphaned ones frequently to make sure they get enough milk from their mamacat (see “Feeding Kittens” later in this chapter). Just because momcat is gone doesn’t mean she won’t return for her next set of babies! In fact, she really does love taking care of helpless young animals just as much as humans do—she loves feeding them by instinctive motherly instincts!

How did my kitten get out? How long has he been missing? Do I need to worry about him being eaten by wildlife?

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