What To Do When You Bring A Kitten Home?

” in the blog, “Cat Lovers Unite!” by Sarah Crowe.

I can tell you exactly what I did when I brought my kitten home. You need to do this yourself if you are bringing a new cat into your life or if you plan on having more than one cat in your household because it will be easier for everyone involved if all of the cats get used to each other at about the same time. The following is what worked for me and works well with any single-cat household:

1) Put down some paper towels so that they don’t scatter around while they explore their new surroundings. Place them near where most of them like to sleep (on top of boxes, shelves, etc.). This will help calm their nervousness. Also put some on the floor under furniture that felines frequently use as hiding places (under beds, behind couches). Felines love to climb things but are afraid of heights so putting something out on which they can safely climb might be enough for them to relax long enough to feel comfortable snuggling up close with you again without feeling threatened by height issues. Don’t forget though—if there is anything climbingable in your house make sure it isn’t sharp or pointy since cats have been known to injure themselves while trying not only to get away from danger but also just playing about together! If nothing else work on teaching them how safe dogs are before allowing dogs into their