What To Do When You Bring Your Kitten Home For The First Time?

I’m sure that most of you know something about the proper way to introduce a kitten into your home, but I think it’s helpful to have some basic ideas from those who have been there before. If you haven’t done this with a cat yet, here are a few things to remember:

1) Keep the new kitten in its carrier for at least one day – no exceptions! This allows her time to adjust and get used to being “all alone” away from the mother. A busy household with lots going on can be overwhelming for kittens whose instincts tell them that if they stay still long enough everything will be okay again. Moving around every half hour or so helps keep their attention focused on what’s happening instead of just sitting still and waiting for mommy back home. Plus they’re probably bored as hell being cooped up all day! (It doesn’t hurt if you bring along toys and treats.) And yes, even very young kittens like having their own space when they first make it home; we refer to this as their “safe place”. Just don’t forget she’ll need her safe place each night at bedtime or she’ll go right out again during the night (and possibly poop outside your door).

2) Put her litterbox where she can easily access it at all times – especially while sleeping/eating/playing etc.. This is another good reason why cats should not live in small spaces; sometimes those tiny kitty feet won’t fit through an