What To Do When You First Get A Kitten?

I’m not sure, I think it depends on what state you live in and how old the kitten is. If the kitten is under 4 months, then put her in a carrier (leash) and take her to your vet for an exam as soon as possible. They will let you know if she needs any tests or vaccines. I would also recommend that she be tested for FIV/FeLV before trying to adopt her out! For example: Here’s a link about FeLV testing: http://www.allbreedinfo.com/feLv-testing-cats-and-kittens/. Even though this test won’t show if she has FIV, it will tell them if there are other issues such as FeLV which could possibly cause health problems later on down the road such as cancer or leukemia so they can provide you with recommendations for caring for your new kitten well into adulthood.- There are many great online communities where people can post pictures of their cats and ask questions but don’t forget about local cat groups too! Cat fanciers clubs usually have very active members who can help answer any questions that you may have.- Don’t be afraid to ask your vets advice either! – Our pets should always come first over anything else whether its work related or family related!!