What To Do With A Dead Kitten?

The Humane Society of Missouri has a list of options to help you with your dead kitten. If it’s too difficult for you to find a humane society, call the local animal control office and ask if they can pick up or euthanize them for you.

If you want to bury the little one, check out these tips from Babble: “There are several ways to make sure that an animal’s body is well preserved in the ground after death,” writes Cheryl Long, author of The Garden Book. “Ideally, burial should be performed within 24 hours but at least three days prior so bacteria won’t have time to start breaking down tissue.” Here are some best practices:

1) Use a plastic bag — filled with dirt — as a shroud when burying your pet. It will keep moisture in and save on clean-up later on! And hey presto, no more smelly cat smell ruining nice sheets! 2) Add moist soil back into the hole every two weeks until spring when grass is sprouting again. This way decomposition doesn’t begin too quickly so there is still space for worms and other critters who live in the soil when winter comes around again 3). Make sure your compost pile allows air circulation so things don’t get overly hot 4). Keep an eye out for snakes — especially raccoons–as they may dig up remains before long 5). Place stones over remains instead of covering them completely 6). Best idea yet? Build something like