What To Do With A Kitten While At Work?

The first thing we’ll try to do is give you a list of things that don’t require your presence, so you can work on those. Here are some ideas:

Get the kitten used to being around other cats and people. Talk about how they might not like it if somebody steps on them. Get him or her used to toys and playtime with humans before introducing them into real life situations where their feelings might get hurt (like stepping on somebody). This will make all parties happier for longer! If someone gets too close, tell the person not to touch unless they want something killed (the cat) and then back away slowly while keeping eye contact until either the person realizes what they did wrong or you feel comfortable letting go of their hand/arm/leg/etc…. If another animal seems interested in the kitten…this may be an issue as well…the new baby could end up getting stepped on by mommy dog as she runs past, etc., etc.. Put out food at set feeding times instead of leaving it out overnight. Cats need food at specific times during each day or else they won’t eat enough throughout the day to keep themselves fed properly – this means no more free-for-alls serving kibble from a bowl whenever . Let one cat take care of kittens so having both adults available is less stressful for everybody involved – kids included! Make sure there are plenty of litter boxes for any kind of messes made—they should