What To Do With A Tired Kitten?

” the volunteer said.

He’d had a cat when he was growing up, and since then he’d always wanted one again. He kept thinking about getting another kitten after his current pet got into trouble with an older dog that lived nearby. Yet every time he’d go to the Humane Society or animal shelter in search of a new pet, something would come up; his days were filled with meetings and training sessions at work, so there really wasn’t much time left over for anything else. And even if he did find some free time, it usually wouldn’t be enough to spend all day looking for someone who could take care of him while also learning how to do things like sit on command or use a litter box (the attendant told me). But this furry little face looked too cute not to rescue!

The volunteers were surprised by how quickly JoJo took interest in them—he seemed more than happy just soaking up their attention through lots of purring and playing around in their laps. It didn’t help that they found out later that night what adorable furballs kittens can be: once they get used to you having your hands full 24/7 they’ll follow you everywhere until you give them food or bath time ritual (this will vary depending on what kind of cat your particular feline friend is). Anyway…since I don’t live near any shelters where I could adopt my own kitty friends I decided instead to gift JoJo off as soon