What To Expct After Kitten Spayed?

Answer: When your pet kitten is spayed, she will be given a shot (called an injection) to prevent her from producing any more kittens. This also causes her vulva (the opening between the legs) to close off so that she can no longer have babies. At this point, you should expect not only hearing but seeing very little activity. Your female kitty may even just sit in one spot for hours or days after being spayed. She may not eat at all for quite awhile as well! Don’t worry though – there are still many things you can do to help your cat move on and heal quickly with good nutrition and plenty of loving care…

Q: Why does my male cat get “hard” when I touch his penis? He’s never done this before! Is it normal behavior? And if he was neutered, would I still see him getting hard now?! My vet said he didn’t need anything , since its already been neuter right? Please help me understand what’s going on here.. What’s happening inside his body?? If i were Harry Potter , i’d meet Voldemort now!! Thanks 🙂

A: For males cats who are intact , the penis remains soft until they reach puberty . During this time they feel sexual urges which cause them to develop erections about once per hour . They usually go through several phases where their penises darken in color & become firm which changes them into objects called boners . The boner