What To Expect When Getting A Kitten?

A kitten’s eyes open when it is about 1 week old. A litter of kittens should be kept in a small box or cat carrier with soft bedding until they are ready to explore their surroundings. Kittens usually start exploring the house at around 5-7 weeks, but will not go outside until they are 8-10 weeks old (sometimes even older). They must meet with an adult cat before they can leave the house; otherwise, you’ll find them wandering around your home for hours on end looking for someone to play with.

When is my kitten most active?

Kittens eat and sleep about 12/24 hours per day (based on age), but like young children, sometimes all 24 hours per day seems like one long block of time! Newborns need to nurse every 2-3 hours during the first few days after birth or else there could be many health problems or death. Also new mothers tend to fall asleep while nursing their kittens which means that mother cats often wake up alone with hungry newborns! Therefore, kitties do best if fed every 3-4 hours so that each feeding lasts no longer than 30 minutes. Kitties also need very little sleep–usually just 4-5 hour stretches per night depending upon age and activity level–but since they don’t require much rest during daylight hours, this is rarely a problem unless separated from adults too long during naps without getting attention occasionally throughout the day.

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