What To Expect With A Kitten?

How long will it take to get used to a kitten? The answer depends on the age of the cat and its temperament. Many kittens are friendly from birth and do not take time at all, but others can be very difficult and wary for quite some time. If you already have cats in your household, make sure they don’t try to fight with your new kitten until she is well-established in her environment. With proper introductions, most adult cats tend to accept their young offspring once they reach an appropriate age (around 2 weeks). However, there are many cases when this does not happen – especially due to fear or other unexplainable reasons. Some cats may become aggressive towards one another because of jealousy over food resources or territory rights; however, simply getting rid of them will not solve the problem as it would cause them unwanted stress that could lead into aggression later on. It is important that you find out whether this behavior is caused by genetics or comes from stressful situations which were not fully dealt with during earlier times. This means that if your cat has been abused as a puppy/kitten then he probably won’t change his attitude towards strangers quickly either so finding professional help for him might be beneficial in order strengthen his trust issues even more effectively than good handling training alone would allow for.[2]

How old should my kitten be before I let her go outside? Your kitten needs plenty of human contact early on since she hasn’t learned how to interact with