What To Feed A 10 Week Old Kitten?

I have a 10 week old kitten. I’m not sure if she is eating enough or not. Do cats need vitamins? How much should they be getting daily? She only drinks water, but also eats dry food with no problems.


Kittens are very active and require more nutrients than adult cats do, so it’s recommended to feed them several times per day (usually in the morning and evening). The most important parts of the diet are meaty cat foods that will help him grow up strong, balanced diets without any deficiencies or allergies, fresh fruits and vegetables for antioxidants as well as potassium-rich sources such as avocadoes and bananas which you can offer along with other foods like milk, yogurt which contains calcium too. Take away all sweetened products from his diet at first because sweeteners directly stimulate appetite thus making kittens overeat themselves thus leading to obesity issues later on their lives. Also avoid feeding table scraps until your kitty has learned how to use its litter box properly since this could lead to digestive problems later on when he processes those leftovers into feces therefore causing diarrhea plus potential other health issues down the road . If you’re looking for other topics regarding kitten nutrition go here http://www.catinfo….

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