What To Feed A Malnourished Kitten?

If you have a kitten that is not eating, it is important to get them some food as soon as possible. When they are hungry and unable to keep anything down, the amount of calories they will need in order to survive can be very small. The best thing you can do for your kitten is make sure they eat every day by providing them with a balanced diet. If your kitten seems reluctant or refuses their food, try offering different types of foods until you find what he likes the most.

What should I feed my malnourished cat?

The best thing you can do for your kitten is provide him with various types of canned or dry food so that his nutritional needs are met throughout the day. You may also want to offer wet food several times per week if he does not appear too picky about what kind of meal he eats daily. This way his body has more nutrients than just one type of meat which means he will be able to grow stronger and healthier than other kittens around him while still staying relatively small in size during adulthood since cats require less nourishment when compared to dogs who need twice as much nutrition each time they eat; this difference between how cats and dogs process energy helps explain why cats remain smaller animals once grown up rather than becoming bigger like many dog breeds like pitbulls which usually take on an adult size at 8-9 months old due mid 90’s! To learn more please read our article How Old Do Cats Get