What To Feed A New Born Kitten?

If you want to give your kitten an idea of what it should be eating, make sure to purchase a good quality food first. Some cat foods are formulated for kittens but contain ingredients that can harm them or cause stomach upset or diarrhea. You should also avoid buying adult cat food because many have very small amounts of important nutrients required by kittens, such as taurine and vitamin C.

How much is too much?

The amount that you feed your kitten will depend on the age, size and activity level of the animal each day. Kittens grow rapidly so they require more food than an adult cat does during their first few months. The general rule is to feed one quarter the weight of the animal every day for its life stage (birth through 12 weeks). For example: If you weigh 75 pounds then feed 75 grams per day until it weighs 1 pound at which time feeding will be 25 grams per day (75/4 = 25)

You may need to adjust this amount if your new kitten seems underweight or has lost some weight since birth as well as adjusting according to whether your pet eats wet or dry food (or both types). It’s not unusual for cats who eat dry kibble alone after weaning from mom’s milk intake less with moistened canned food in addition; however there is no reason why you shouldn’t mix both kinds together and divide up how much each type gets daily (and gradually reduce overall portion size over several weeks).