What To Feed A Newborn Kitten Without A Mother?

How can I feed a newborn kitten without a mother? This is an important question. A newborn kitten will need to be fed every three hours, and it’s not going to get that from its dry food alone – it needs milk! Unfortunately, many pet owners have no idea where their local clinic or veterinary hospital gets this special formula for kittens. What they do know is that if they don’t order the right formula from them, there won’t be any milk at all!

​ ​ The Lactation Consultant has been feeding orphaned kittens since 2007. We understand how difficult it can be as a new parent when your tiny baby isn’t getting enough nourishment. That’s why we created our exclusive infant formula specifically designed for little ones who need extra calories and nutrition to grow up strong and healthy. Learn more about Lactation Formula » You might also like: 8 Tips on How To Raise Your Newborn Kitten Well