What To Feed A One Month Old Kitten?

At 1 month of age, a kitten’s body is still growing and needs the extra calories that canned food provides. If you give your kitten dry food, it will get bored with it very quickly and will not eat enough to keep up with its nutritional requirements. The best way to feed a 1-month old kitten is by mixing in some canned cat food or other type of wet food (never pureed or cooked). You should mix the wet and dry foods together about half and half so your pet gets both types of nutrients. Make sure that there are small pieces in each meal so your cat does not choke on them if she tries to eat everything at once!

My one year old kitten likes to chew her claws off. I can’t afford $10/week for nail trimmers, but do they take care of this? How much does my vet charge for anesthesia?

The whole idea behind nail trimming is to prevent painful accidents – especially when playing outside where nails are easily broken off. One thing that may be causing these problems is health issues such as diabetes which affects blood sugar levels in cats who have lost their teeth because they cannot groom themselves properly any more…so they prefer scratching posts instead! A lot of veterinarians recommend using clippers rather than scissors since safety pins put into wounds hurt too much, but obviously most people don’t want their kittens losing all their toes! So trimming them might save you thousands over time versus having an amputated paw –