What To Give A Baby Kitten To Eat?

Here’s the thing: kitten chow is not made for kittens. You can give them human food, but please don’t do it! The only foods that are suitable for kitten chow are things like raw chicken wings (the bones should be removed), raw hamburgers, and dried cat treats. Avoid other meats, eggs, dairy products or other high-fat/high-protein foods; they aren’t good for your kitty at this age.

If you must feed a non-kitten food to your young animal, make sure there is no salt added to it. Adding too much salt will cause dehydration in babies who still have an immature immune system and cannot handle large amounts of sodium chloride at this stage in their life cycle. Also avoid feeding your baby any type of carbohydrate because these contain simple sugars which will overstimulate sugar cravings later on when the neutering process begins so keep away from anything sweet or starchy until after 6 weeks old when he/she may be eating solid food normally..