What To Give A Hypoglycemic Kitten?

I’m sure I’ve heard this question a million times. And while it may be true that there is no “one size fits all” answer, I can tell you from my experience that these are the things that helped me the most:

1. Nylabones! These were invaluable when I took care of two kittens in our home for several months. Anytime they ate something other than their regular food, or got stressed/anxious about something, they would chew on their nylabones and get them back to normal within a few minutes. Also, if your kitten gets nothing but dry kibble for a while and then suddenly eats some green beans or broccoli…they usually don’t have the teeth strength to eat much else except what hurts themselves at first (this is why we always recommend treats). In addition to being chewed-up pieces of meaty goodness for your little one, nylabones also help with oral separation anxiety by providing an object with which to focus their urge to chew on without worrying too much about hurting themselves beyond repair even after having been separated from his sibling(s) for awhile (which is especially important in multi-cat households). If you do not want him chewing up household items like curtains and furniture (or worse), make sure he has plenty of healthy toys around; otherwise he will find ways to entertain himself until you can provide more appropriate options later on down the road!