What To Give A Teething Kitten?

No one will be surprised to hear that there are more than a few remedies out there. Often, caregivers have tried them all – giving their kitten or cat pet extra calcium tablets, baking soda bath powder, even chews made of hard candy. But what if you want something natural? As it turns out, nature has already given us the best remedy for teething kitties: raw milk from goat moms! Raw goats milk helps soothe sore gums and relieve pain caused by teething. This is because raw milk contains immune-boosting components called immunoglobulins (iG’s). iG’s help stimulate your body’s defenses against bacteria and viruses as well as alleviate some of the swelling around your baby’s mouth. Even if you live in an area where goat dairy products are not readily available to you, I encourage you at least to try this simple remedy with whichever type of newborn kitten(s) happen to be present in your home at the time!

Goat Dairy Products For Kittens & Baby Goats

If You Don’t Live In An Area Where Goat Milk Isn’t Available To You… Explore Other Options For Teeth-Soothing Raw Milk Is A Healthy And Safe Option That Can Be Used Anytime Of The Year It Comes From Holistic Homesteaders Who Are Committed To Using Only Natural Remedies And Produce Your Own Home Supply Supplementation may seem far too complicated for most people just starting out on