What To Know Before Getting A Kitten?

What to look for in a kitten’s eyes.

How old does a kitten have to be before they can go outside? Answer: 8 weeks of age is the minimum age, but some breeders recommend waiting until kittens are 12 weeks or older unless you know your home environment is very safe and secure. Read more… Why do cats have whiskers? Have you ever noticed how your cat’s whiskers twitch when she wants something from you? Cats use their whiskers as feelers that help them determine if there is any danger around them. When a cat curls her tail, it also twitches because this behavior helps remind the cat where its tail should be at all times so it doesn’t get stepped on by another animal. Whisker twitching may also indicate discomfort with something such as someone entering the room and/or changes in air temperature (hot or cold). Why do cats like boxes? The reason why cats love boxes so much is because inside them they can explore and hide without being seen by other animals; therefore, we refer to these hiding places as “catios” (Spanish for patio). It’s important not only that your kitty has access to an indoor box during those chilly winter months, but that he needs one all year round – indoors or outdoors! He will probably sleep in his box most nights too; it’s definitely worth having one just for him so he has somewhere warm and cozy to “hang out.” How do