What To Know When Getting A Kitten?

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The following is from the Veterinary Information Network, a service of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It was written by Dr. Mavis Lussier, VMD, MBAVCP (Veterinary Medical Association) in response to an inquiry about what to know when getting a kitten. The information applies equally well to adult cats as it does kittens. Please note that this article may not apply to every situation since each cat will have different needs when there are other animals or people in the household who can interact with them. There are also many variables in house situations which could affect whether your cat gets along with others so please do research on this before bringing home any new pets! This article is adapted from “Cat Care” by Drs Clay Friesen & Dianne Vallée published by Rodale Press Inc., Emmaus, PA 18092 ISBN 0-87857-740-5 © 1998 Rodale Press Inc., Emmaus, PA All Rights Reserved Reproduction without permission prohibited