What To Look For In Kitten Food?

The first thing to look out for when purchasing kitten food is the ingredients. I’m not saying this because it’s my job, but because I want you to be able to trust what you are feeding your kittens. You can find a full list of approved cat foods at petfoodinfo.ca (click on “cat foods”). It is very important that you feed your kittens only one kind of food from that list, each and every time they eat something new! Do not mix brands or flavours, do not change brands mid-way through a kitten’s life, and do not switch from one brand to another within a few weeks of starting them on solid food…or even in three months! Your little kitty will get sick if he/she eats different stuff day after day after day the whole way through their lives. That would make me sad 😉 But really – why take chances? Here are some things to look out for:

– Ingredients should be listed by weight rather than quantity – meaning there should be much more meat in each serving than just water or cereal grains. If this isn’t true then it’s likely the manufacturer has added fillers such as corn syrup etc., which is bad news 😕 Remember that cats have been domesticated for millions of years so they need all sorts of good sources in their diet – including carbohydrates so don’t forget about cereals like oatmeal or rice patties etc.. Also