What To Name A White Kitten?

” The moment I saw the photograph of this fluffy baby, it was love at first sight. And then when he arrived on my doorstep, he just melted my heart.

This white kitten is called Jacob and for those who don’t know me well enough yet to know what a softie I am – you will see why in a minute! He absolutely loves being snuggled by people and other cats too. He is an adorable little bundle of fluff who loves to cuddle with both humans and kitties alike! Having recently been neutered, his introduction into our family has changed him from a very smelly cat to one that smells only faintly like rabbit poo. Instead of getting full-body licks from everyone that hugs or strokes him now – he gets head scratches!! Except maybe from Mommy because she still wants her kisses…

Jacob came as a surprise package last Sunday morning – but not without warning! A friend had sent us some news about the new addition – we were expecting another littermate but instead got an entire litter all together! We thought “Oh no.. there’s going to be more than one?!? Oh boy!!” But they were so cute looking – it turned out that second litter was just two siblings….and they are brother/sister pair too!!! So obviously we have taken them in ! Awwww….they look so happy together….can’t imagine life without them though.. Our home