What To Name My New Kitten?

Check out this list of unique kitten names.

Litter Box Training Your New Kitten There are many different methods to litter box training your new kitten, but I will only list the information that should be used for disposal. Keep in mind that these techniques may not work on every cat and all cats may take longer than others to adapt to having a litter box in their home. It can also depend on how long you’ve had your current kitty versus if it is a first time home owner or someone who already has several cats so they know what goes where. Most importantly, everyone’s situation is different so don’t just get upset when things aren’t working quickly! Here are some tips: Do not use any kind of spray water into the toilet area because once urine hits its final destination (the floor), it doesn’t absorb back into the tray like normal water does which leads to quite an unpleasant smell when you clean up after them. If possible try adding baking soda in with their waste until they start adjusting well enough where it won’t bother them anymore.

It seems obvious but make sure there isn’t anything dangerous near the cat’s litterbox otherwise they could injure themselves or worse yet die from ingesting something toxic.

Don’t forget about keeping fresh food available at all times!

You should never leave them alone while using their bathroom, even for short periods of time. Categories Uncategorized