What To Wash A Kitten With?

Kittens are very fragile and can die from a simple cold. Make sure to wash them with warm water only, as hot water will kill the natural oils that keep their skin moist, making it more susceptible to infection. You should not use soap or any type of detergent on your kitten’s fur as this may dry out its coat and cause damage (such as rashes). The best way to clean your kitten is by using a baby wipe; if you don’t have one you can substitute another cloth such as an old t-shirt or piece of gauze. Just make sure you rinse all areas completely before applying ointment and bandaging the wound for treatment! If they aren’t able to lick themselves clean we recommend using Vet Wrap brand gauze wraps instead, which come in several sizes and colors suitable for kittens over 8 weeks old. It’s better than nothing but still doesn’t compare to just washing!