What Women Really Want Women Being Held By A Kitten?

I can’t see it. If she is holding a kitten that’s the only thing I will be interested in how far up her skirt goes at any point of this situation, but not because it will make me climax.

I think if you are going to have sex with someone there should at least be some relationship involved, or an intent on making each other happy before you start having sex. It shouldn’t just be for your own pleasure, even though that is what most people do anyway. There has to be something more than just having fun together and taking advantage of each others bodies. People are different so one person might enjoy being submissive while another enjoys being dominant since they are both still human beings who deserve love and respect after all we share our bodies with them as close friends and companions not as objects for them to use or abuse us like we were toys then throw away when they get bored (which happens way too often).

Not knowing about these things isn’t always bad: Some people like discovering new sexual aspects during foreplay; others may enjoy experimenting by trying out new positions; those who want no penetration whatsoever will find their needs met well enough through oral sex (and anal play), manual stimulation (manual masturbation) and dry humping (with clothes on). The sad fact is however that many women don’t know about such activities – which means that everything ends up getting reduced to a purely physical act – without any real emotional connection