What You Need To Prepare For A Kitten?

A: You need to get a kitten collar and leash for it, plus the cat carrier. Also you will need some food and water bowls for her. And diapers if she is an indoor cat too. You also should have some nice toys such as plushies or anything that your kitten loves to play with.

Q: How many kittens can one person take care of?

A: Usually one person can take care of up to 3 cats at once but sometimes more than that depending on what kind of breed(s) they are and how active they are in eating/getting away from their humans while eating etc.. If you want 2 kittens then I would say no more than 4 at once so each has his/her own separate place to sleep & eat, don’t force them against their will, just use common sense when doing this with multiple pets!