When A Kitten Keeps Biting And Pulling On Things Till It Pulls A Tooth Out?

A. If your kitten is biting on things and pulling on them, try the following:

1. Hold the kitten down with one hand while using a syringe to give it a shot of antibiotics in its rear right leg area. This will calm it down so you can help hold its mouth open while giving it an antibiotic injection in this area. You may have to repeat this step several times until enough of an antibiotic has been given for your cat to calm down and let you examine him again without biting or clawing at his face or ears when he sees you coming toward him.

2. Give your cat more time away from the item that he seems to be fixated upon by putting something new out where he can smell it but not see it—such as another pillowcase or laundry basket filled with small toys, treats (he loves playing fetch), and favorite items such as puffy balls (the kind we use for our cats’ litter boxes). Try placing these new objects out in different places throughout the house every few hours during the day; if he doesn’t like what you put into his room, then maybe there’s no way anyone would want that thing around their home! Put these objects back into hiding once they are gone for at least half an hour before moving them again somewhere else inside the home—and remember that this is all part of helping your kitty feel secure in her environment again!

3. After trying Step 2