When Can A Kitten Be Weaned?

A kitten should be weaned between 5 and 8 weeks. Many people wean the kittens earlier, but this is not recommended. If you want to start early, consult your veterinarian so he can help you make an educated decision on when to do it.

How old can a kitten go without being fed?

Kittens normally eat every two hours or sometimes more frequently because they are growing very fast! When they reach 4 months of age and weigh 2 1/2 pounds (1 kilogram), they will begin to hunt for food by themselves. This is just about when most people think their kittens should be weaned from the mother’s milk themselves — however, that shouldn’t stop feeding them just yet! You may continue giving them milk until 6 months old if you wish; some cats don’t show any signs of wanting to leave the litter box until close to 7 years old. The best time for a cat to go off its mother’s milk completely would be at least 18-24 months of age – after all, how many other species in this world practice breastfeeding past 12 months?